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GOAL REACHED: Friends and Family generously gave $100,000.00 because we have…

HOPE THAT JAY WILL GET UP AND WALK. We believe in the power of God with the aid of prayer! Keep praying for

physical progress for Jay!

You can see the progress! Yes, the journey has been long, but therapists believe that Jay will be able to walk. He is working on shedding the leg braces and a walker and not being dependent on using a wheelchair to get around.  It will be without anyone holding on to him for support or cables holding him up.


Do we dare to hope for this? YES, WE DO. OUR GOD IS A GOD OF MIRACLES, and you can read from Sharon's blogs (click on the tab above "History 2011-2019") THAT GOD HAS BEEN FAITHFULLY DOING MIRACLES IN JAY'S LIFE SINCE HE FIRST FELL OFF THE LADDER IN 2011!


We wanted to improve the quality of life for both Jay and Sharon (to help him be less dependent on her) by raising more funds to continue therapy and to pay for medical supplies. We wanted to make sure that insurance coverage was available for Sharon and their son, Tom, who just graduated from college in June 2018 while the "walking" journey continues.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL WHO GAVE and continue to give!

Thank you, too, to all those who prayed for the team that worked hard to be God's instruments in this fundraising endeavor.

Elaine and Bob Holwerda (Jay's Family)

Laura and Jim Vande Werken (Jay's Friends)

Pictured are Jay and Sharon resting during a hike at Turkey Run when they celebrated their 25th Anniversary prior to Jay's accident. It is one of their favorite places to go and enjoy nature.

Elaine and Bob with Sharon stuffing envelopes for a mailing to churches.

Jay and Jim also stuffing envelopes.

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