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Interesting story - Jay was motoring around the neighborhood near his home when a man came up and gave him this safety vest. "I have been concerned for you as I see you moving around the neighborhood all the time. As a retired construction company owner I know how important it is for people to be safe so I wanted you to have this."  Without another word (including his name) he walked away. Thank you mystery person for your gift of care and concern!

Jay is a member of the board of the Self-Help Jobs Program. Seated left to right are: Ken Agema, president, Laura Vande Werken, director, Jay, Jim Vande Werken, John Wassenaar, and Gerry DeJong. Missing is John Bienias.

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Sharon with Jay holding first grandchild, Corbin Jay Iwema born to Matthew and Olivia Iwema on December  6. He looks just like his grandpa when Jay was his age!

Jane Van Wyngaarden donates a jar of coins collected by her late husband Bill to Jay's fundraiser. She could have used this money herself but she lovingly gave it. Accepting it is campaign chairman Laura Vande Werken.

December, 2017 - Jim Vande Werken experiments with ramp pieces to use in constructing a temporary ramp into his home so that Jay can come in for the first time in 6 years! Then Jim's brother-in-law, Eric Ipema, built a temporary, removable ramp out of plywood with metal supports using those ramp pieces. It was a wonderful New Year's Eve surprise for Jay!

Jay and Sharon at Calvin Church's small group "Prayer and Pizza."

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